Why are Delight and Alfa protein bars good for me?

Delight and Alfa protein bars are great tasting, healthy and convenient.

  • Great tasting: they taste so good, you might think you are eating a candy 🙂
  • Healthy: they provide your body with healthy nutrition: protein, fiber and relevant vitamins and minerals without loading your body with too much sugar.
  • Convenient: you can carry a protein bar in your purse, gym bag, office drawer or elsewhere, so you have your healthy snack always at hand.

What is L-arginine and why is it good for me?

L-arginine is a chemical building block, an essential amino acid. It is obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins. L-Arginine can be found in virtually any food that contains protein.

L-arginine helps to dilate the blood vessels since it is precursor for nitric oxide (NO). It is commonly used in certain sports to give more blood flow to muscles. Among other things, L-arginine supplements are marketed also as a help for erectile dysfunction.

Please note that EU does not have any approved health claims related to L-arginine and the above mentioned uses are only commonly known use cases of L-arginine and should not be considered as health claims or denote that our products containing L-arginine could be used for medical purposes.

Are Delight and Alfa bars gluten free?

All of our protein bars are now gluten-free. We made an improvement to our initial range of bars, so now you can enjoy them as gluten-free.

Our protein bars with old packages are produced on a production facility that handles a big variety of different raw materials inclusive of gluten. Thus, they may contain traces of gluten.

Are Delight and Alfa bars good for kids?

Delight and Alfa bars are designed and meant for adults. Kids have different recommended reference intakes and upper tolerable level of nutrients, thus we do not recommend kids to consume Delight and Alfa protein bars.

What is the recommended amount of bars I can eat per day?

The package of Delight bars does not have a daily recommended consumption for adults. We recommend balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Maximum recommended amount of Alfa bars is 3 per day for adults. The maximum amount is due to upper tolerable levels of added nutrients. We recommend balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Can I bake or microwave the bars?

You can use your favorite protein bars for baking or simply to microwave it. Bars can withstand light heating in the microwave or oven.

Use the bars to make guilt-free delightful treats and don’t forget to share your healthy creations with us with hashtag #FeelDelighted.